+ What is 3D Printing?

+ What kind of plastic filament is used?

+ If I don't know how to design, can i get files to print?

+ What colours of filament are available?

+ Why should I purchase your filament?

+ Can my print be done in multiple colours?

+ How long does a 3D Print take?

+ How much does a 3D Print cost?

+ Which is better, 1.75mm or 2.85mm filament?

+ Should I print with PLA or ABS?

+ Are my files treated confidentially?

+ What models are prohibited to be printed?

+ What is minimal wall thickness and level of detail?

+ How big can I make my model?

+ What is my 3D model contains "errors"? Will you fix it?

+ What colours can I get for a model?

+ Can I paint the models myself?

+ What material should I choose?

+ What file formats are supported?

+ How do I get a price for my design?

+ Can I group my models into one file?

+ Can I get a bulk discount for large orders?

+ What happens if I order something that cannot be printed?

+ What payment options are available?

+ How long does it take to print a model?

+ What is the surface quality of a model?

+ How can I contact you if I can't find the help I need on your website?

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