Express3dParts’ core values are to provide excellent service, high quality products, be consistent and stay on trend with the innovative world that is 3d.

The business consists of two main legs, namely the supply of filament for clients with 3d-printers and the printing of 3d-models, shapes, parts, prototypes and even personalised gift-items.  Our 3d printer filament can be ordered online and therefore stretches country wide within South Africa. Our end-user customers are also served country-wide.

3d Printer Filament

Your 3d desktop type printer cannot function without filament. Our mission is to not only provide you with the ability to produce 3d printed products, but empower you with premium quality filament that would put you above your competition. 

Our filament are of quality source material that is well-checked for consistency. They come from reliable suppliers that are certified by international 3D printer manufactures; they are traceable and they provide all kinds of characteristics on their plastic.

Order online with Express3dParts by viewing our 3d Printer Filament page.

 3D Ready-to-use Models

Our 3D printing service can help you deliver superior quality and high-definition parts, models, shapes, prototypes etc.  On a small scale we can produce in a more cost-effective and faster turn-around time. 

There are tons of different applications that our 3D printing service can be used for:

  • Any sort of prototyping
  • Technical components, gears or specific parts for industrial engineers or students
  • Architectural scale models for architects
  • Characters, art pieces, figurines for inventors, designers or arts and crafts enthusiasts
  • Custom characters, props, works of art or even precious heritage or archaeological artefacts for movie studios, animators, service bureaus and museums

If you’re interested to send us your design, we’ll gladly print it out for you. Kindly click on the link that will take you to our 3D Ready-to-use Models’ page or read the description below.

Personalised Gifts

We can also provide you with any sort of personalised gift for yourself, a family member, a friend or a loved one.  These gifts can range from, key ring holders, figurines, containers, toys, etc.  If this is required for a special occasion or a function like a wedding or even a school fundraiser, we can produce on a small scale.

For more information on how to print your 3D design, kindly click on this link, 3D-Ready-to-use-Models or see the description below:

Printing your 3D design with us is so SIMPLE:

Create your 3D design in 3D CAD software

Please ensure that your 3D design is in the correct dimensions

Ensure that your design/model is a solid and has a water-tight mesh. 

Your software will most likely have a plug-in available to do this. 

If not there is plenty of other software available for free that will check you model.

Kindly try to avoid detail smaller than 2mm in diameter.

If your design has multiple parts, then send each of them to us as separate STL files.

If each part fits into a box smaller than 150mm x 150mm x 150mm then that's ideal, 

but this is variable depending on how we build it and the shape of your item.