We provide 3D printer filament and 3D Printing Services.

Express3DParts supplies superior quality filament for 3D printing for businesses and consumers and provides an excellent 3D printing service.

Our vision and mission is to empower these 3D printing businesses and enthusiasts with superior quality 3D printer filament that will enable them to produce outstanding 3D printed products to their clients. We want 3D printing to be affordable and available for everyone. We only work with suppliers that share our vision about the quality of 3D printer filament. Therefore we offer you 3D printer filament and end-user 3D products that are of an extremely high quality standard with respect to the colours, tolerances and quality printing. Our own 3D printed products and personalised gift-items are produced and supplied cost-effectively and with a faster turn-around time.

Our 3D printer filament are as already mentioned of the finest quality, consistency and innovation. We utilise Formfutura and Polymaker products example PLA, ABS, Polymax (available in 3kg and 750g), Polyplus PLA(available in 3kg and 750g), Polyflex and specialty filament. These materials have been tested thoroughly and meet the strictest quality standards.  To find out more about the type of 3D Printer filament that we supply, click on the link. Formfutura / Polymaker